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AGMM 2015 Campaign Period Rules and Regulations
magie - Saturday, Nov 7, 2015, 4:00 PM

AGMM 2015


  1. The Election Committee (“ELECOM”) hereby adopts the prohibitions mandated under the House Rules, including the imposition of sanctions, fines, and penalties stated therein. Prohibitions under the House Rules relevant to these proceedings include campaigning in hallways, residential units, and parking buildings, by any form or means.

  2. The nominees shall have the right to post not more than two (2) SINGLE-PAGE campaign materials on the designated bulletin board. These campaign materials shall not be larger than an A4 sized bond paper, and shall not contain lewd, libelous OR any defamatory remark against the other nominees or against any other person.

  3. The security shall have the right to remove any campaign materials violating these rules.

  4. The Campaign materials shall be arranged in an ascending alphabetical manner.

  5. The campaign period shall commence on 07 November 2015, 12:00 Noon, and shall conclude on the 12:00NN of 19 November 2015.

  6. The posting of campaign materials in common areas is NOT ALLOWED. There will be a designated area and a bulletin board for the nominees to present themselves to the voting population.

  7. Written, verbal, or online defamatory remarks or comments about nominees, whether implicit or explicit, will be grounds for sanction against the resident and the candidate he or she is supporting.

  8. Removal, tampering, and mutilation of notices including but not limited to AGMM announcements, reminders, circulars, candidate profiles, and the like will result in sanctions as determined by the ELECOM.

  9. Any AGMM-related concern should be properly filed on the AGMM concern box including concerns with the admin and security staff which will be forwarded to the ELECOM.

  10. The ELECOM shall act on any complaint filed by any the resident or may impose fines and sanctions at its own instance regarding any violation of the above mentioned.

  11. The ELECOM reserves the right to disqualify any nominated candidate for violation of any these rules.

Prepared By:

Atty. Eduardo G. Paringit II
Chairman - ELECOM
Bernardo Galguerra
Wilson Bobier

Pacencia B. De Guzman

Christoffer King D. Perfinan
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