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Emergency Preparedness Seminar
magie - Saturday, Jul 25, 2015, 5:35 PM

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority conducted an Emergency Preparedness Seminar for Grass Residences from July 24 to 25, 2015. Many thanks to Francis Jornacion, Sharon Berganio, Germaine Ramirez, Kenneth Lamban, Richard Villaceran, and Imelda Mintar for being our resource speakers.
download fileGRCC-MMDA-Adult-Basic-Life-Support-For-The-Health-Care-Worker.pdf
4.64 MB
download fileGRCC-MMDA-Bandages.pdf
0.84 MB
download fileGRCC-MMDA-Basic-Trauma-Emergencies.pdf
3.30 MB
download fileGRCC-MMDA-Foreign-Body-Airway-Obstruction.pdf
1.34 MB
download fileGRCC-MMDA-Lifting-And-Moving.pdf
5.26 MB
download fileGRCC-MMDA-Understanding-Seismic-Hazard-As-Major-Threat-To-Metro-Manila.pdf
9.57 MB
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