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Grass Residences Tariff Rates
root - Thursday, Sep 5, 2013, 9:05 PM
Tariff rates approved by the first GRCC board. Please coordinate with the admin for scheduling. They may refer you to third party service providers if in-house technicians are fully booked.

PLUMBINGGrease Trap Cleaning300.00
Replacement of Water Closet Fittings200.00
Replacement of Faucets200.00
Minor Declogging Works200.00
Replacement of Water Meter300.00
Replacement or Installation of Bidet, Angle Valve, etc.200.00
Pipes for Water Closet and Lavatory200.00
Application of Sealant200.00
Other Plumbing Works200.00
ELECTRICALTracing and Repair of Grounded Wires300.00
Installation of Telephone Extension200.00
Installation of Additional Lights and Outlets300.00
Replacement of Busted Lights100.00
Replacement of Defective Switches, Breakers, Plugs, etc.200.00
Other Electrical Works200.00
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