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Increase in Association Dues
root - Monday, Jul 1, 2013, 7:01 AM
Our association dues will increase from P60 to P100 per square meter which will reflect on our July 20, 2013 bill.

We would like to gather your opinions regarding this matter. Please email your comments to attyrlestevez@gmail.com or magie.antonio@grassresidences.org. You may also sign-up and post your comments at http://grassresidences.org.

We have to act on this ASAP before SMDC implements it. We will all be affected.
Michael Chen
cy - Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013, 3:07 PM
Average association dues in metro manila Is only php 60./sqm
Duffie Taloma
aramid - Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013, 7:18 PM
Here is a picture of the document from tower b bulletin board.

Engels Antonio
engels - Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013, 7:32 PM
GRCC approved the increase without consultation. They disregarded our rights [1] to participate in all deliberations/meetings of the Corporation and [2] to vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the Corporation.

[1] GRCC By-Laws, Article III, Section 4c
[2] GRCC By-Laws, Article III, Section 4a
Magie Antonio
magie - Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013, 9:50 PM
Here is a text version of the notice above.

It was posted today, July 2, 2013 at the bulletin boards of Grass Residences Tower 1.

Ref no.: GR-CBRE-080/2013
June 27, 2013


Dear Valued Residents,

Please be informed that the Board of Directors of Grass Residences Condominium Corporation resolved to increase the monthly Condominium Dues rate from Php 60.00 per sqm to Php 100.00 per sqm effective August 2013 to cover the cost of Annual Property All Risk Insurance, Real Property Tax of Land, Building, Equipment & Machinery, Maintenance Cost of the Building Equipment such as Elevators, Generators, Pumps & Motors, Sewage Treatment Plant starting January 2013, and imposition of Value Added Tax mandated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The increase is necessary to continuously maintain the building in its standard and to comply with the government mandated requirements. The 85% collection efficiency was also considered in the increase of the Condominium Dues. In this regard, we highly solicit the support of the members of the Condominium Corporation as we exhaust all efforts to maintain a high level of professional building management.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

John Emerson A. Santos
Property manager

Noted By:

Ma. Renee Rose Glinoga-Co
J Gd
jhaline - Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013, 1:33 PM
As unit owners, is there something that we can do about this?

Also, are we protected by any laws (e.g. Condominium law) that sets minimum/maximum association dues? Or is this one month notice enough?
Alec Cada
alec - Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013, 1:53 PM
I have read the circular this morning and right up-front I would say this is unspeakably disappointing and unacceptable. Here are my points

1. The notice should have been released way earlier. As it was released just recently; we, the residents, are pressured as we have limited time to act on it.

2. There were no forums and consultations. If there have been meetings when this matter was still in the pipeline, I don't think the residents were well represented.

3. Most importantly, the new rate was not properly substantiated. All of a sudden the magic number PhP100 just appeared. There were no calculations, financials, and official cost reports released whatsoever that would justify the increase.

Suggest we hold another round of homeowners meeting real soon.

**We can include the missing swimming pool and the updates on the parking lot and other issues but let's put priority on the Association Dues issue.
Magie Antonio
magie - Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013, 10:40 PM
June 29 - Minutes of Meeting

An emergency meeting was called last Saturday to discuss the impending increase of Grass Residences condominium dues.

Aside from GRHA and concerned homeowners, present during the meeting were:

Emil Doolittle (CBRE)
John Emerson Santos (CBRE)
Joel of SosaJB

1) CBRE posted the notice of association dues increase at the lobby bulletin boards last June 27, 2013 but was pulled-out by CBRE the day after. They said that the reason for such pull-out was to avoid confusion on the dates specified on the notice which stated that "increase will start on August 2013 until December 2014." There was no explanation as to why there's a need for association dues increase. 

2) Due to the pull-out, the said increase became somewhat of a hearsay thus an emergency meeting was called between the homeowners and property management staff (with outgoing CBRE personnel and incoming SosaJB staff member).

3) Issues on the increase of the water bill and how each unit is charged were also discussed. FYI, SosaJB billed us without reading the meter. They only estimated each unit's consumption but will soon do the correct reading and consumed cubic meters will also reflect on the next billing statement.  

4) Replacing of the pool's water was also raised. We think it's due time to drain the pools. CBRE didn't think so since they said that the cleanliness of newly replaced pool water is just the same as that of a pool water treated with chlorine for the nth time. This is obviously not true from the cases of sore eyes and skin itchiness which resulted from our greenish pools. 

5) The disappearance of the pool near Tower 3 was also questioned. This may be enough reason to file a class suit against SMDC for breach of contract.

6) Unit owners demanded explanation and justification for the increase of the condominium dues but CBRE said that they were just following the orders of GRCC/SMDC.

7) Since the scenario set with the unit owners was that "the increase is inevitable, it is already reviewed and approved for implementation and homeowners can do nothing about it", attendees unanimously agreed to file a petition against this move by the GRCC Board of Directors on or before July 19, 2013.

8) Interim officers of Grass Residences Homeowners Association (not the GRCC) have requested for the financial statement of GRCC more than two weeks ago but we have not received any feedback up to now. 

As stated in Article XII Section 2 of the GRCC By-Laws under Annual Statements, "The Board of Directors shall cause the preparation of the annual financial statement of the corporation which shall be made available to the members not later than the date of the annual meeting." 

From experience we know that SMDC will reply to our written request at their own time. That is what happened when we wrote to them earlier this year. We received their reply after almost two months of waiting. The availability of the financial statement is a right of each unit owner and need not be requested/begged for from the BoD.

We request all unit owners to participate in our petition against this condominium dues increase. Kindly sign our petition letter which will soon be available from volunteer unit owners who will be manning the lobby in a few days time.

All updates will also be posted at our website especially for unit owners who are not residing at Grass Residences.
Nick Dimaculangan
nickrs - Thursday, Jul 4, 2013, 5:27 AM
Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated on this. alot of us havent moved in yet but are willing to work with you guys if needed.
Magie Antonio
magie - Thursday, Jul 4, 2013, 2:47 PM
We will be asking all homeowners to sign the petition below which was drafted by Ryan Estevez.

02 July 2013
The President
Grass Residences Condominium Corporation
16F Two Ecom Center, Tower B
Bay Shore, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City



At the onset, we would like to say that “Grass Residences” is our home. This is the product of our toil and hard work and we will forever protect what we have invested in this regard.

With the scheduled increase of the “Association Dues” for Grass Residences Condominium, may we respectfully request that we be given a copy of the audited financial statement from the beginning of the turnover of Tower 1, buildings A and B up to the most recent submission. This will enable us to fully understand the financial state of the condominium and for transparency of governance. If we may recall, we have been requesting for the said financial statement since November of last year, during the Annual Meeting of the Grass Residences Condominium Corporation which unfortunately the Board of Directors brushed aside and to no avail up to this moment.

We would like to reiterate that we are against any increase in the “Association Dues” at this moment, considering that so many plans and promises were not delivered nor realized and substantial alterations to the plan were kept secret to us without any form of public consultation. We fervently request that a copy of the audited financial statement be given to us for our reference.

We are attaching our signatures herein to express our solidarity with the GRHA. Thank you very much. Looking forward to your immediate response on this matter.

In behalf of GRHA,

Grass Residences Homeowners Association

cc: Sosa JB Property Management Corp.
Grass Residences-Tower I
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City

Atty. Antonio M. Bernardo
CEO and Commissioner
Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
HLURB Bldg., Kalayaan Avenue, cor., Mayaman St.
Diliman, Quezon City 1101

Kontra Pandaraya Movement
Office of Sen. Koko Pimentel III
Room 512, Senate of the Philippines
GSIS Bldg., Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Friday, Jul 5, 2013, 8:58 AM
Good morning! Thanks for welcoming me here in organization and it's nice to know we have a medium to voice out all our sentiments and personally speaking to share with you all the terrified experiences we encountered from SMDC before and after selling.

For now, our main concern here is how to oppose the increase in condominium dues since it will be a financial burden for us all. I highly disagree in this new memo and hope we can do something about it.

We decided and sacrificed a lot just to reside here for convenience and security and it feels like we'll be spending more than just in an apartment considering it's our own sold property.

May God hear and guide us all to resolve this problems the soonest. God bless!
Elmer Tumbaga
mey_tumbaga - Saturday, Jul 6, 2013, 12:00 AM
Thank you guys for informing us. We are just preparing to move in hopefully by next week. We were very surprised about this impending homeowner‘s dues increase and would like to let you know that we are opposing this.

We even asked the person that oriented us, from SOSA JB, just two weeks ago about the association dues and told us that it will remain with the current 60/sqm. rate and said that it may actually come down since more tenants will occupy grass in the coming months.

ronski0418 - Saturday, Jul 6, 2013, 10:09 AM
I'm glad that GRHA is putting a lot of effort benefitting us all residents/tenants of Grass Residences. I personally do not buy what GRCC, Sosa JB, & SMDC posted on the bulletin board about the increase of the association dues from P60/sqm to P100/sqm. I have an officemate who has been residing in a posh condo in Eastwood City (Eastwood Parkview Tower 2, one of the 4 towers on top of Eastwood Mall as the podium where 1 of the towers is Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, a 3-star hotel). Their assoc dues there just increased by P15/sqm just last year. It started with P45/sqm back in 2008. So after 5 years, their assoc dues only reach at a maximum of P60/sqm considering the location and the development in Eastwood City. So, with Grass Residences to have its assoc dues increased by 66.67% is baseless and inhumane! They are not being transparent here. This just shows that residents/tenants are treated as milking cows.
Magie Antonio
magie - Monday, Jul 8, 2013, 9:36 PM
More than 700 residents signed our petition against the association dues increase during our July 5 to 7 signature campaign. Many thanks to the unit owners and tenants who supported this iniative. Thanks to Jun Apellanes, Angelica Caballero, Chit Bernardino, Engels Antonio, Yolanda Ong, Emil Padilla, Ryan Estevez and all unit owners who volunteered their time in manning the tables at the east and west wing lobbies.
Nick Dimaculangan
nickrs - Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013, 10:25 PM
We are scheduled to inspect our unit for acceptance on Aug. I noticed that the dues stated is at 100/sq already and that a 6 mo advance is needed prior to move in.

im assuming the acceptance would include the 100/sq rate and im afraid that if we sign we will be tied to that rate regardless of the outcome of the nego.

appreciate your thoughts on this please..
Magie Antonio
magie - Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013, 12:50 PM
Although we already filed a petition, it is not guaranteed that SMDC will accede to it. Worst case scenario is we pay the 100 pesos per sqm rate "under protest" until November 2013 and elect fellow homeowners to the GRCC board so they can overturn the increase in our condo dues.


If you're not in a hurry to move in, I recommend that you inspect every bit of your unit and have everything that does not meet your expectations (no matter how minute) redone before accepting your unit. Jagged tiles, creeping rusts on the balcony bars and door handles, bathroom and balcony floors that do not drain, uneven paint, badly fitted cabinets, among others. Keep doing this until you are fully satisfied. It will take them at least two weeks to fix things every time. I hope this helps.
Nick Dimaculangan
nickrs - Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013, 11:36 PM
Thanks magie, yeah we plan to schedule the inspection on a much later date (before the 30 days of course). then try to find anything that needs to be rectified regardless how minute it is. thank you for the reply. hopefully when the real homeowners heads the board we will have someone to look after us.
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Thursday, Jul 11, 2013, 2:19 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm happy hearing updates, so far all are good since our good fellow unit owners are doing all their best and efforts to solve our problems especially regarding the increase in condue dues.

Thanks again! God bless us all!
Peter Cawaing
watcher - Thursday, Jul 11, 2013, 3:13 PM
Question: Is it justifiable to just withhold dues payment until all issues concern are resolved If this is what it takes to get the attention of the higher ups? On the otherhand, it may also affect us unwittingly.
Teresita "chit" Tan Bernardino
chit_tan_2811a - Saturday, Jul 13, 2013, 11:28 PM
We have to pay the condo dues for us to qualify to vote on Nov. 16. In as much as we would like to withhold condo dues payment, we have no option as of the moment but to pay. We will have a follow up meeting after 2 weeks and Magie will post it here. She will be posting what we have talked yesterday wth JB Sosa.
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Friday, Jul 19, 2013, 10:39 PM
Good pm,
My husband's insight: In case the court decides in favor of the increase proposed by admin, I hope they would be able to justify and provide the necessary expenses for the welfare of the unit owners but it would be better if it will favor us unit owners, in the other hand.
Knowing that the quality of services is not as good as we expect and I don't see any better reason for them to need more budget than before. It must also be their obligation to maximize efficiences, from human resources to infrastructural maintenance/improvement. It has always been the practice of most companies and it is always part of the business profile.
Daisy Ramp
dramp - Saturday, Jul 20, 2013, 7:06 PM
Good to hear updates from the unit owners, thank you. To add, my concern also when I was there last year August 2012 the exit between tower 1 & 2 when it is raining I think all the floors were flooded, I am at the 29th floor of tower 1 and scary to walk especially if you throw your rubbish in the bin cause the floor is full of water and because it is open its windy also.. If there is an emergency occur you can't use that exit so our life is in danger. Even the floor tiled is slippery cause I saw one teenager that been slipped already.
Magie Antonio
magie - Monday, Jul 22, 2013, 10:07 PM
Here is Atty. Ryan Estevez's recommendation to all homeowners regarding the increase in condominium dues:

We are very happy with the big "signature turn-out" of our SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE INCREASE OF THE CONDOMINIUM DUES from Php60/square meter to Php100/square meter.

Pending the resolution of our complaint and request for arbitration with the HLURB, we would like to exhort every homeowner to PAY THE CONDOMINIUM DUES IN ITS OLD RATE OF Php60/square meter. This will further show our strong opposition to the said increase pending the legal battle lodged at the HLURB.
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013, 4:41 PM
Good pm,

I read about the letter of exhortation to pay the old rate for confo dues, the question is, will the admin accept it if we give underpayment? What shall we do if they will not accept underpayment? Please we need more clarifications reg this move.
Thank you!
Daisy Ramp
dramp - Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013, 5:20 PM
Hello everyone,
Correction please, instead of tower 1&2 it is in tower 1 A&B exit. Sana naman makita nila ang depekto ng condo bago sila mag ask ng increase, iniisip lang nila kung pano kumita dapat isaalang alang din nila ang welfare ng mga residente. Dapat ba may mamatay muna bago sila umaksyon. Just my thought. Don't dare to think that we are milking cows. Kahit abroad mahirap din kumita ng pera marami din kaming binabayarang bills....di rin naman pinupulot lang ang $$$ dito, working galore kami dito..sana maging patas naman at sundin ang daang matuwid sabi ni Pres. Aquino. At bakit naman di pwede bumoto ang di pa bayad ng monthly dues un ba ang basehan??? tanong ko lang..akala ko ba nasa bansang demokrasya tayo.
Maricar Roxas
maricar_roxas - Friday, Jul 26, 2013, 11:33 AM
Good day,
question lang po,
me nakapagbayad na ba sa inyo ng association dues for July? how much po ang singil sa inyo? old rate or new rate? thanks
Magie Antonio
magie - Friday, Jul 26, 2013, 12:16 PM
We just recently met with SMDC Property Manager Rhemus Maramba. He told us that we can still pay using the old rate of P60/sqm. SosaJB will accept it.
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Friday, Jul 26, 2013, 12:34 PM
Thanks Ms. Magie for the advise, I can pay anytime now. God bless!
Maricar Roxas
maricar_roxas - Friday, Jul 26, 2013, 4:00 PM
Thanks Ms Magie for the information. nong binigay ba sa yo yung billing, magkano nakalagay? sa 60/sq meters na computation o sa 100/sq m?
kinuha ko kasi yung billing ng monthly dues kanina, babayaran ko na sana pero sa billing nasa 100/sq meters ung computation. ask ko bakit naging ganon, nakapost kako sa me near elevator na sa 60/sq m pa rin, di raw nila alam yun, ang sabi raw ng SM sa kanila, sa 100/sq meters na rate. yun na rin daw binayad ng ibang home owners sa 100/sq m na rin. kaya ako nag ask dito regarding sa increase. so ang ibig bang sabihin hindi pare pareho ang singil ng monthly dues?
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Friday, Jul 26, 2013, 11:07 PM
Bakit ang gulo?pag sinunod namin yung 60 wla bang penalty?
Kim Margarette Mallillin
kimmie - Saturday, Jul 27, 2013, 10:43 AM
May mga unit owners nga daw po na nagbabayad ng 100/sqm according kay Raffy of Admin and he told me na wala naman daw nagbabayad ng 60/sqm even yung mga Officers daw ng Grass Residences Homeowners Association. Parang hindi naman ako naniwala sa kanya kasi may memo nga na for now pwedeng 60/sqm pa din ang bayaran natin. Bakit sinasabi ni Raffy na walang nagbabayad ng 60/sqm?
Sunshine Laserna
shiney - Saturday, Jul 27, 2013, 11:26 AM
I just paid today, computed at P60/sqm. Pero sa billing P100/sqm. You shoud tell admin you'd iike to pay for P60/sqm since hindi pa settled.

Engels Antonio
engels - Saturday, Jul 27, 2013, 9:59 PM
On Sat, 27 Jul 2013 22:59:03 +0800 (PHT), Irwin Chua wrote:
> Bakit ang gulo?pag sinunod namin yung 60 wla bang penalty?

The confusion is part and parcel of the petition process against the increase. At the end of the day, unit owners will have to decide for themselves.

A. Pay P100/sqm. If our petition is denied, you are fully paid. If our petition is approved, you can pray for a refund.

B. Pay P60/sqm. SosaJB/GRCC/SMDC will accept it. There may be penalties reflected in succeeding bills since their system might consider it as incomplete payment, but these will be waived as a result of our latest negotiation with them yesterday. If our petition is denied, pay the additional P40/sqm. If our petition is approved, you are fully paid.

C. Wait for the final decision on our petition before paying. If our petition is denied, pay P100/sqm. If our petition is approved, pay P60/sqm. There may be penalties imposed for late payments.

We hope to receive feedback from SMDC by August 5.
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Sunday, Aug 4, 2013, 10:31 AM
Hello everyone!

It's our due date today for condo dues, I paid this am around 9:45am but quite disappointed with the billing staff. In my opinion he's not yet settled down because it took him too long to accomodated my payment, he needed to log-in, pull out files then recompute. I already told him first hand that I would pay the P60 rate but it took almost 20mins to finish transaction though I was only one paying. I just observed, when I got the first copy of my billing, they used to cut long bond papers for printing then till today, he asked the ASAP staff to cut long bonds to be used for print outs. Because I was being irritated with his slow moves, I've been tactless telling him, "Bakit wala kayo stock ng short bonds at sayang naman long bonds, dapat cost cutting kayo kasi sa min nyo naman pinapasa ang mga expenses." Because before that I saw the ASAP staff washed their dishes used yesterday(?) in the faucet located somewhere in parking area. I just thought that if they just only have small pantry inside the office where there is faucet then they can minimize or conserve water. Because when they wash outside without sink, the tendency will be more water used. Ako nga na unit owner, conserving water and electric inside my unit tapos sila na gumagamit ng pera natin di nagtitipid.
Sana pag meron na nakaupo na BOD from our group, makita and I-consider ang mga aspect na to lalo na ang cost cutting. Just being practical.
Thank you!
Sasil E
greydoor - Monday, Aug 26, 2013, 7:42 PM
What's the latest on this? Any update?
Raneil Joseph Bautista
jhorjmd - Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013, 7:04 PM
Thanks for all the updates and opinions. Their really worth reading. Many ideas are being brought out as well. These will eventually lead us to resolving all the issues if we continue to communicate with everyone. Anyway, just few concerns I have on hand... Are we still qualified to vote if we are settling our monthly dues at the old rate of 60 php/ sqm? Any updates on the missing deliverables? May I also raise my concerns about the missing or delayed delivery of letters, documents, and bills especially that of credit cards that tend to incur late payment and interest surcharges. If I'm not mistaken, we are entitled for mailboxes - where are they? We are spending so much on janitorial services and pest control, but why are the hallways remain dirty as if it is not regularly cleaned (37th floor, I don't if its the same in other floors) and with regular pest control announcement posted in the elevators, why are there still many creepy crawlies around, and worst finds their way in our units. Lastly, isn't it that our association dues should be lower or at least remain stable the more units being turned over because these means more people will subsidize the expenses? I Hope these things will also be laid on SMDC's table for them to be aware that they owe us more than what they think we owe them!
Algin Siscar
algin - Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013, 3:31 PM


kamusta po kayong lahat? Kaka member ko lang po sa SMgrass org.natin,sensya napo busy at not so techy. and ngaung palang nag papasalamat nako sa lhat ng officer at member natin na walang sawang gumagawa ng paraan para ma unite tayo ,congratulation po sa nyong lahat!. kasi alam ko nag aabono na kayo ng panahon,at malamng pera nadin . Hind pakumpleto itong sm grass nung mag move in kami., pero unti unti naman nabuo at patuloy parin binubuo. kaya lang sa isang lugar hindi talaga perfect. Dami talaga problema dto.Hay sinabi ninyo pa!..Basta sama sama lang po tayo.maayos dinn atin problema dto.Huwag po kayong magsawa at mawalan ng loob lalo nasa mga officer po.Suporta po kami sa nyo. Salamat ulit.
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Thursday, Sep 19, 2013, 4:19 PM
Pwd ba tau lahat magkaisa wag magbyad ng dues kht isa?pra lang makita ng sm?dito sa amin top floor wlang pressure yung tubig. almost 2 months na po. kya nga gusto ko nangibenta yung unit ko kht palugi sana may gusto bumili sainyo dito kht utangin nyo na balik lng pera o kht lugi konti....
Mark Jao
mjhiroto - Thursday, Sep 19, 2013, 4:52 PM
Dear Irwin,

I believe your suggestion of not paying the condo dues is not a solution. The residents will suffer the consequences through cutting all the utilities and services (sercuity, elevators, etc) . I dont like seeing people walking up the stairs to their units everyday, specially the 15-40th floor residents.

The OFFICERS are working hard to solve each and every obstacle they found. so please stop whining and be part of the solution.

If cooperation and helping is not a good option for you, then it would be best to sell your units.
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Thursday, Sep 19, 2013, 5:29 PM

We cannot do that at this point in time kasi nga tayo din mag-suffer. Lahat naman ng concerns natin raised up na and the officers are really doing they're best para magkaroon ng solutions mga problems natin dito. Hindi lang ikaw ang disappointed or frustrated sa unit especially sa grass. Kaya let's still hold our composures, marami pa tayong pag dadaanan. Hindi lang ikaw ang gusto magdispose ng unit, yon nga lang pano natin mabenta ang unit natin kung alam nila na ang daming problema dito.
So let's be united, we needed your help and cooperation also. Thank you!
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Saturday, Sep 21, 2013, 1:21 PM
Pwd magtanung ms cathy, nagreport na kami for almost 2 months na yung water pressure dito sa top floor units ndi pa rin tapos gawin, so tubig namin dito sbrang hina, nagbbyad naman kami, hall way namin ang dilim, nagbabayad din kami. pati kuryente bayad kami lht bayad.

tapos ganito ang bbgay na service, anu justification na dapat pa magbayad ng dues?kulang p b yung 2 months na hnhtay namin? anu solution dito? araw araw pinababa ko na yung maid pra magcomplain. ang tanung ko lang isa lang.

nagbayad ako dues pra sila magmaintain at magayos, tapos 2 months na naghntay at pinahntay paulit ulit. sbrang haba ng pacencya. pwd ko b sila murahin? or paabangan nalang sa labas kasi sayang lng binabayad natin na sahod nila kung ndi naman sila kikilos at tulungn tau magimprove?

db may sahod naman sila, at ndi naman kami ng kulang. so sinu dapat sisihin dito? at dapat p b magbayad ng dues? or dapat takutin sila pra may matapos na trabho?
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Saturday, Sep 21, 2013, 1:26 PM
Mark jao,
not part of the solution, i am paying to be part of the solution, ang trabho nila ang solusyon fyi.
so wag mo coment na kung anu anu, part of the solution ka pa nalalaman. pera responsibility ko. bayad ako, expected is trabho dnt you get it?
Catherine Mangussad
cathyemangussad - Monday, Sep 23, 2013, 12:28 PM

Di ko intention na makasakit ng salita sa iba, sensya na kung di ka agree sa nasabi ko. Kasi ako rin me concern sa parking since June pa pero till now di pa resolved. Madami tayo different concerns, sa admin tayo pumunta at mag-insist ng solution. Ako kasi galit din ako sa admin and grass dahil sa poor at di lang poor, very poor quality of services nila. Malaki din ang monthly dues ko kasi almost 70sqm plus 12.5sqm parking pa ako, pero I'm still hoping na maaayos pa lahat. Neighbors tayo and one community dito, wag na tayo magbangayan. Hope you understand. Ty!
Daisy Ramp
dramp - Monday, Sep 23, 2013, 2:43 PM
Tama si Cathy, Kapit bisig po tayong lahat ipakita natin na tayoý nagkakaisa at hindi nagdisorganized habang nasa atin pa ang unit magkaisa po tayo sa edad ko pong 55 (still young) marami na akong na noticed na kapag walang pagkakaisa ay di natin makakamit ang tagumpay ang isang ex. po ay ang ating gov't alam nyo naman po ang nangyayari mula noon hanggang ngayon, kung watak watak tayo walang mangyayari, kung di tayo magtulungan, di mag respetuhan, o di kayaý walang simpatya sa isa't isa bilang nieghbors e ano pa ang saysay sa salitang neighborhood parang brotherhood yan. sa isang association kung walang" united we stand" matatalo tayo ng ating kalaban, focus po tayo sa pangkalahatang issues na tayong lahat ay makikinabang, nabili na natin ang ating unit walang iwanan at hwag tayong umiwas sa problema, harapin po natin, kayang kaya natin basta't NAGKAKAISA lang wala po yan pinagkaiba sa edsa robolusyon sa atin maliit nga lang yan at walang magdadanak ng dugo basta nagtutulungan at importante NAGKAKAISA, MARAMING SALAMAT PO..
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Thursday, Sep 26, 2013, 9:07 AM
Ok yan ms daisy. Anu sabay sabay na wag mag byad ng dues 3 buwan. Kht sa top floor p ako hahagdanin ko to pra sacrifice nlng. Pra yung gusto ntn matupad n dn. Hehe...anu?
Tess Caudal
tess - Friday, Sep 27, 2013, 9:08 AM
I agree, neighbors tayo, di tayo mag aaway away, I understand irwinchua kung bakit ganun din reaksyon nya kasi sa dami ng concerns na tingin ko wala naman nagagawang aksyon ang admin ngayon, I for one, galit din, lalo na last night because of that parking etc. but now, di naman ako apektado na todo, I don't remember kung sino nag suggest na I media o make drastic move, kasi I think the way things are going, ganun ang solusyon, kailangan me Makita sa media kung ano ang sistema na nangyayari , ang I think mag kakaron naman ng resulta,., ayoko nga magbayad ng assoc. dues, kasi ang dumi naman ng facilities, and ang hallway naming sa 11th flr. madumi, ang ilaw, since nakalipat kami, pundido, di naman pinapalitan, ang basketball court, di naman magamit, ang gym na pinapagamit e madumi, at baka makakuha pa ng sakit ang mga anak ko pag pinapunta ko dun, ang pool, di naman regular na nililinis,
Daisy Ramp
dramp - Friday, Sep 27, 2013, 3:49 PM
Hi Irwin,
Actually di pa ako nakakabayad ng dues simula pa noong May 2013, ilang buwan na di lang 3 baka sa paguwi ko sa February ko pa mababayaran,peace tayo sa mga nagbayad ha,ha,ha kc naman wala silang automatic debit, ayusin ko na lang pagdating ko dyan. Irwin, cge umpisahan mo na ang praktis mo sa hagdan, di mo na need na mag gym, nxt yr pag nandyan ka pa at magkita tau e tyak physically fit ka na, baka pati tubig cut off na rin, walang liguan huh!! noong nandyan ako ung bin area sa 29th flr. e marumi sinabi ko sa janitor pero di nalinis pero nxt kong uwi nalinis na rin, pinabayaan ko na lang, buti na lang wala ako dyan the whole yr kc ung mga bata na galing sa pool nababasa ang sahig hanggang elevator kc takot akong madulas, ung kasamahan ko dati sa work retired na e hilig mag SM, e alam nyo naman ang sahig ng SM tiles madulas kapag maulan e mahilig sa artista hayun nadulas namatay sya, kaya akoý naiinis kapag tag-ulan madulas ang tiles dyan kaya naisip ko na magbakasyon kapag summer na lang. Hindi rin ako gumagamit ng pool kc marumi marami akong nakikitang lumulutang galing sa construction site. Pati ung singaw ng toilet ung outlet at ung lababo mabaho nag compalin na ako sa CBRE noon me pumunta na incharge sa construction talaga daw ganun dapat lilinisin kc me stagnant water sa ilalim ng lababo, try kong linisin e dapat araw-araw di ko naman kaya un. kaya nung una nag try ako ipagbili me bibili sana kaso wala akong time pabalik na ako dito sa Aust. tapos nagbago na ang isip ng husband ko. First time ko mag condo, mahirap pala kc damay damay, for ex. taas ng monthly dues later pa nyan kapag mag luma na dami na nyang sira, sabagay minsan lang ako dyan so di ko na lang pansin ang paligid...
Daisy Ramp
dramp - Friday, Sep 27, 2013, 4:00 PM
Ms. Tess, kung me pundidong ilaw, sabihin mo sa guard at ipaparating nila yan sa maintenance, kc ganyan ang ginawa ko, pero kapag ang sira ay nasa loob na ng unit mo me charge na yata kc ako nagbibigay ako kahit konti sa maintenance noong nagka problema ang plug or outlet ko sa loob ng unit. about s bridgeway tiles kaya nagkaganyan dahil yan sa ulan ahh di ko na pinansin, napapagod na rin kc ako sa kakapuna sa paligid..
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Saturday, Sep 28, 2013, 5:48 AM
Ah ms daisy naunahan mo na pla ako ha, hehe...
actually ako dn first timer bumili dito kala ko kasi makakatipid ako, mali pla, masmalaki nalugi ko ngayn dhl bagsak na price wla pa kukuha. masok tumira dun sa may mga brand na, kung titignan kasi investment wise masmaganda at malaki upside na kumita kesa dito. madami broker nagsasabi ndi ok smdc. hirap i benta mga units tulad nung nasa sta. mesa area. mga sample plang. kaya ang laban nlng siguro tulog pera or lugi. tapos masaklap dito tataas dues e ndi manlang nila inaayos, lalo na yung mga de sahuran ayaw maglagay ng systema. prang pumasok lng, makaatendance ok na. ndi man lang iniisip o naglalagay ng puso sa trabho kaya palpak. ndi mo makikita yung effort na magbago e. tapos akin lang sana umiikot ikot pra nasurvey mga bata nila kung inaayos mga trabho.

dito ko lang naexperience na mahirap sa condo daming downside. pagmay oras ka ms daisy maganda yung fire exit dito sa top units. mahangin at maganda view. pero wag mga bata papunthni dito baka mahulog. sa sbrang daming tao dito iba iba dn ugali, like last time e may nagpark sandali sa slot, ang gnwa hinarang yung sasakyan nagblock sa main road, mdami ibang klaseng tao tlg. ewan ko lang itsura nito pagnagturnover sa tower3. dito sa top units laging wla ilaw. wla dn masyado mga nakatira kaya nakaktakot.

pero ito ang pinakauna kong bahay na nabili kaya memorable ito.
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