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Where Go the Pools?
root - Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 5:54 PM

The development plan above clearly shows an adult swimming pool between Parking Building A and Tower 3. The picture below shows bermuda grass being planted on the lawn between Parking Building A and Tower 3.

Unit owners were promised 5 swimming pools.

"Grass Residences offers 5-star country club facilities such as elegant cabanas, clubhouse and swimming pools. Refresh and frolic with the kids in the playground or in one of the five swimming pools. Keep fit in the gym, or enjoy a game of basketball or badminton. Our round-the-clock security puts your security concerns in mind."
Quoted from smdevelopment.com/smdc/?p=805

We hope that this is not a case of bait-and-switch.

The advertised "Vanguard Card-type Individual Residents ID with Swipe Card and Thumbprint Recognition" system was replaced by laminated identification cards and manual logging. "Water Features and Cascades" are either non-existent, not functional or were turned into plant boxes. Property management claims that "Wi-fi access in all Common Areas" is not an SMDC deliverable despite being advertised on the SMDC website. The list goes on. Are the adult swimming pools in front of Towers 2 and 3 going to disappear as well?
Grass Residences
root - Sunday, Jun 2, 2013, 1:32 AM
Even sales agents want the pools to be delivered as promised:

From time to time they are changing details, layouts, everything. We argue, we curse our superiors dahil kami ang binoboljak (excuse for the term) ng mga katulad nyo na unit owners. Kung pwede lang sila paabangan e, LOL. But hell, I work here, I have to comply. Sleepless nights, literally! Minsan napapanaginipan ko pa haha LOL! Is there something I can do? YES. INFORMATION. Yun ang ginagawa ko sa mga clients ko. So kapag may nababago palagi ko sila ina-update (and yes, again I'll use the term WELL-INFORMED). Idk bout you guys but I'm trying my best to explain for those who are questioning kahit sakin bagsak lahat ng rants, e sa yun lang ang kaya ko gawin, mag update. I'm not against you guys if you want to seek legal advises, mas maganda yun so you'll know your rights, and mind you, bago pa natin pagtalunan to lahat obviously ilang beses na pinagtalunan to ng legal counsel nilang mga nasa taas.

For the marketing strategies, sana naman po maintindihan nyo that iba-iba lahat yan, bahala sila on how they'd play with the details.

3.6 hectares: towers 1, 3 (for the 2nd tower), and 2 (for the 3rd tower), with 5,3++ units, 2 parking bldgs. (A and B), bridgeway connected to bldg.A, 1 lap pool and infinity pool, 2 kiddie pools, 2 basketball courts, 6 badminton courts, 2 fitness gyms. For the 2 adult pools fronting towers 3 and 2, AS OF TODAY were not sure of its development yet BUT US AGENTS ARE REALLY HOPING NA HUKAYIN NILA YUN DAHIL KAMI ANG HUHUKAYAN NG LIBINGAN NG MGA CLIENTS!!! LOL! Sawang-sawa na kami makipag-argumento twing meeting dahil sa mga changes na ginagawa nila na kami an humaharap sa mga clients at hindi sila. Ok, did i miss anything? Sana wala.

Towers 4&5 is the FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLAN na 1.4 hectare between San Francisco highschool and tower 1, that is on the visual aids that all of you have seen, i hope. 5-floor parking podium, ground flr commercial then 6th-43 (or 47th) na yung residential floors, 6th floor ang amenities. AS OF TODAY yan padin ang LAST UPDATE na ibinigay sa amin that ofcourse, we have to comply and relay.

Sana naiintindihan nyo yung sitwasyon as SELLER's REPRESENTATIVE when we have to accomodate both the clients and the seller itself. We're doing our best that hopefully both parties will try to resolve things but we can only do so much. And sana wag nyo isipin na niloloko namin kayo dahil hindi samin yung lupa na yon LOL.

Like you guys, we're also just waiting, kung may ireretain sila or may babaguhin na naman.

As far as i know ito pa lang ang updates, and i always update you guys naman, so please bare with us.

God bless.

Quoted from http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=102761528&postcount=2708
Yolly Ong
c2byawly - Monday, Jun 3, 2013, 1:36 PM
What's with the actual pools? Sure, it's a resort-type pool, but where are the resort-type showers or changing rooms? You know, the stuff you find near EVERY swimming pool.
Magie Antonio
magie - Monday, Jun 3, 2013, 11:24 PM
According to SMDC as echoed by CBRE, the showers are being installed. They said that they did not promise a changing room but the homeowners association can set up one at their own expense. Maybe by that time, we can already justify the 150-peso charge per head for our guests who would like to use the pools.

On the other hand, SMDC's new ad does not have 5 or even 3 swimming pools anymore. Here's the new layout plan. Mukhang may balak pa ata silang ibahin yung existing pool setup.

Engels Antonio
engels - Thursday, Jul 11, 2013, 2:44 AM
When SMDC was a year late in turning over our units, we let it slide.

When they decided to delay turnover of the clubhouse until 2016 and charge us for the use of its pavillions in the interim, we let it slide.

When they replaced their advertised biometric identification system with useless laminated cards, we let it slide.

When they claimed that WiFi access in all common areas is not part of their deliverables despite being advertised on their official website, we let it slide.

Now SMDC is taking away the swimming pools in front of towers 2 and 3, leaving us with three pools instead of five. If we let this slide, they will keep taking deliverables away from us.

Perhaps SMDC is banking on its legal firepower, believing that residents will think it moot to challenge them before the courts of law.

Perhaps they are counting on the apathy of unit owners, hoping that we will accept their unilateral modifications to the master deed with a shrug and a sigh.

One of the main reasons why we chose Grass Residences over other development projects is the promise of five swimming pools shared by all towers. We feel betrayed, cheated and swindled by SMDC.

This is not just about two swimming pools. It's definitely not about residents being too busy to swim so three pools instead of five will suffice. It's about promises broken with nary an explanation.

Some say that the pools will be dug up eventually. If so, when? Others say that the pools will be moved to towers 4 and 5. If so, why? Towers 4 and 5 have their own swimming pools. We do not see any official word from SMDC about this issue forthcoming. Their lack of transparency adds insult to injury.

We do not care if SMDC is having financial problems. We do not care about rumors of executives running away with SMDC's money and other internal issues. A promise is a promise. Unilaterally amending the master deed does not morally release SMDC from the initial contract they entered into with existing unit owners. Justice before law.

I do not know how "the good guys" can sleep soundly at night, knowing that they deceived a lot of buyers who shed blood, sweat and tears just to make on-time payments for their units.

Mezza Residences supposedly filed a case and won against SMDC for the latter's failure to deliver the former's gym. Two swimming pools are significantly greater deliverables than a gym. If we don't fight for these now, SMDC will downgrade our amenities and facilities with impunity in the future.

Where go the pools indeed? A class suit is in order.
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Friday, Jul 26, 2013, 11:14 PM
Go magfile ka na ng case!!!!
Engels Antonio
engels - Saturday, Jul 27, 2013, 10:26 PM
If you have been following the updates, you will know that initial steps have already been taken towards a class suit. HLURB has already inspected the empty lot in front of Tower 3. They will now require SMDC to explain why the swimming pool was not constructed as planned, and schedule a conciliation meeting between the developer and the unit owners. If we do not agree to SMDC's removal of the swimming pools, HLURB will recommend the filing of a case against SMDC.

A class suit is a collective action. I cannot file one by myself. You are welcome to join us.
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Saturday, Aug 24, 2013, 7:28 AM
Naisip ko pa dapat gawa ng banner protesta sa labas tapos kuha ng media, pagnasira at nagkagulo e panu nila mabebenta units tower 4 and 5?dapat mateleviise. bilion worth nun kesa sa mga gusto nyo na mabago na million siguro bbgay sila by then...i mean last idea cguro to.

minsan kasi kung gusto nyo tlg ng pagbabago lalo na sa corporate world ndi basta lalabas ng pera mga yan kung ndi matindi na ang gulo. sorry to say but totoo.

tapos db may kasabhan pagndi nakuha sa santong dasalan sa pukpukan dapat ganun b?ehehe
Tess Caudal
tess - Saturday, Sep 14, 2013, 3:50 PM
I Think we should file a case against SMDC coz padami na ng pdami ang hindi natutupad na deliverables as what promised by their agents...
Irwin Chua
irwinchua - Sunday, Sep 15, 2013, 7:03 AM
Cge file ka ng case suportado kita. tignan mo ngayn puro delay na message dito sa board. pati website may problema na
Engels Antonio
engels - Monday, Sep 16, 2013, 2:23 PM
Irwin Chua, grassresidences.org is maintained and paid for by volunteer unit owners. Do not expect them to approve comments in realtime. Try to be constructive for a change. If you are mad at SMDC, direct your anger towards them instead of trolling here. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Magie Antonio
magie - Sunday, Oct 20, 2013, 2:23 AM
From a sworn statement sent by SMDC to HLURB in response to our formal complaint about the missing swimming pools:

"The two (2) swimming pools located in front of Tower 2 and 3 will be constructed with a target delivery date of June 2014."

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