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New Homeowners
root - Wednesday, May 1, 2013, 12:03 AM
Top 3 things to check before accepting your unit:

1. Bathroom and balcony drainage. You will be asked to check the shower during your ocular inspection and it will be ok until you actually take a bath. Some residents found out too late that the flooring of their shower area is inclined with the drainage part slightly higher. This leads to water settling on the opposite side of the drains. The same is true for most balconies. You have to manually sweep the water to the drainage after it rains. So don't forget to check these out.

2. Tiles inside your unit. Allot time to tap each tile and make sure they don't break easily. Some floor tiles are so hollow inside that several unit owners have broken their tiles when they started moving in.

3. Slabs not included in the blueprint floor area. There may be surprise slabs near the door which consume up to 2 sq. ft. of space that you cannot utilize but which you'll be paying for anyway on your monthly condominium dues for the entire life of your unit. Verify if these are included in your unit's blueprint.
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